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Osun by Selina Fenech

Oshun by Selina Fenech

It’s Oshun’s elixir. Just one of the sweetnesses she uses to end conflict, seduce, and bring healing to those in pain. Soon after my teacher, Robin Rose Bennett, taught my class about the anti-septic, anti-bacterial, wound healing power of honey, I experienced it for myself.

One afternoon while preparing a rose petal infusion for a party, I ended up spraying scalding water on my right eyelid. I can only use two words to describe this: insanely painful. After yelling expletives, I grabbed some aloe from the refrigerator, put it on my eyelid and went to the bathroom mirror to survey the damage. The lid was red, it was starting to swell-and yes, it really hurt. The aloe was cooling, but I was expecting folk and I couldn’t sit around holding aloe to my lid. I went back to the kitchen, grabbed a container of lavender honey and spread it on the burnt eyelid. 30 minutes later when my friends arrived, they could not believe what had occurred. There was no mark, no redness and barely any swelling. What could have been a trip to the hospital ended up being a dash to the refrigerator and the cabinet.

I also use honey on my girls when they get scrapes or cuts.


Garlic honey is a fabulous mix. Chop fresh garlic, put it in a container and cover it with honey. I use this as part of my salad dressings or take it in water to fight off colds.

Ginger honey is also delicious. I gave this to my honey when he had voice and throat problems. (chop fresh ginger and put it in a container and cover it with honey.)

My lavender honey was aptly described by my friend Judi as, “sexy!” Indeed it is. That batch of sexiness sure healed my eyelid. It is great on toast too! (Prepare just like the other honeys. I spent a lot of time removing the fresh lavender buds for this mix but it was worth it.)

Of course, there is the fantastic sage honey. Tear fresh sage (salvia officianalis) leaves and pour honey over them. This is potent and yummy treat for a sore throat!

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