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I want to share the winding story of a healing in progress with you.

The last month and half has presented me with the most challenging experience I’ve faced in terms of working with herbs to heal my children. It all started with a cough. There is something going around in New York. My friends and neighbors have been making beelines to doctors and emergency rooms with their children because of respiratory ailments. It seems like every time I get on the subway folks are coughing like nobody’s business. But I have always been able to handle my children’s coughs and colds. I use mullein or do a ginger foot bath, I use homeopathic cough syrup or elderberry syrup, I pull out the echinacea and presto: the cough is gone.

But not this time. This is a stubborn something that has bounced from my four year old to my almost three year old. I got rid of it all (using the methods I mentioned above) only to have it reappear when the weather decided it didn’t want to be warm anymore. Then it got ugly. Both of my girls got sick, coughing through the night, feverish, hacking, crying. I tried everything I knew but nothing worked. The girls’ coughing continued. Mucus echoed in little Joy-Shanti coughs and Serene’s dry coughing pierced the silence of the house at night.

After two weeks of no positive changes I broke down and took the girls to the doctor. He prescribed cough syrup for Joy-Shanti and said that Serene would be fine. I did not fill the prescription that day. Joy-Shanti had never taken medicine and I was none too eager to give it to her. And that night, an odd thing happened: Serene woke up screaming, hot and hallucinating. We put a cold cloth on her head and called 911. That night she was prescribed the same cough syrup her sister was. It was bizarre. The next morning I filled the prescriptions and gave the girls their cough syrup. I was unwilling to see my girls suffer because of my ideals. I was very tired and honestly felt that I was all out of ideas at that point.

What do you do when you’ve seemingly exhausted your herbal options?

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