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When spring arrived, I had one wish: to spend more time with my hands in the earth. Thankfully, that wish was granted but I had no idea how deeply my perception would change after spending so much time in gardens and fields.  When I see rain I think of plants now. When there was the recent threat of a hurricane, I wondered how it would affect the farmers who bring produce to the local market. While rinsing green string beans for dinner I remembered being in a small field carefully deciding which beans were ready to harvest. I don’t look at my food the same way I did at the beginning of the summer.

This change reminds me of how after taking my first herbal class, something in my world seemed to shift.

Me and my friend Oak

Suddenly I wanted to know the names of trees. I was fascinated by the plants growing in the cracks of the sidewalk. I could not go to the woods without coming back with something to make tea or a tincture from.  I had no clue that herbs would become as important to me as they have.

Recently a beautiful film crew of two came to my home to interview me about my surprise journey into herbalism. This is the video they made:


Please check it out and let me know what you think.

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